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Wildflower seeds – feeding the workers

February 14, 2024

Here at Select Business Gifts we are currently giving away these wildflower bee shaped seed ‘bombs’, including them with our customer orders and enquiries – a new great marketing gift!

Wildflowers have been diminishing over the years, but are a vital important part of the ecosystem – they help to feed the thousands of key unpaid workers that keep the many facets of the British Isle economy running; the bees, the pollinators. The best time to sow these seeds is early-mid spring or autumn, and can bloom after 60 -80 days from spring planting.

Pictured above is our ‘wildflower meadow’ here at Select last July (spot the bee), where we took a leaf out of the ‘no mow May’ campaign to encourage wildlife. Bees and nature have been close to us here, as the founder of Select Business Gifts for many years looked after beehives on our grassland, until they succumbed to varroa-mite and mice.

If you would like a quote and a sample for these personalised wildflower boxes, please see more details on our ‘special offers‘ page and send a message.


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