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New starter welcome packs – onboarding

January 18, 2024

Making new starters feel welcome and helping them become an integral part of the team is a key part of the onboarding process. Branded corporate products can be a great help with achieving this.

Our new starter this week is pictured kitted out with a branded beanie hat, pen and other useful seasonal gifts like an ice scraper & torch. There are many products that can be included in welcome packs particularly suited to the office, for example lidded drinkware, a notebook, wireless charger, but other products could be thoughtful for their well being and journey to and from work. These could be an umbrella, garments such as a scarf or socks and a lunch box. These can all helping get a new employee off to a positive start, with increase commitment to the company, and many of these products can also be given to customers, to generate growth and  spread the culture of the organisation.

Unfortunately our new team player didn’t want to see our office environment as the inside temperature was to warm for his liking (although we did show him the calendar he could have on his desk, pictured below, another onboarding gift) but at least he was happy whilst with us for the day!

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