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What strategic moves will you make for 2024?

November 1, 2023

Pictured above is a ‘Britain & its Wildlife’ 2024 desk calendar, which we recently supplied to one of our customers, digitally printed with the clients logo in full colour.

Chess is all about making strategic moves, and this giant outdoor chess set is  captured here in the month of August at Port Merion in North Wales, which is a stunning place to visit, particularly in the summer sunshine.

Getting your brand seen by your customers and in their vision may be an excellent strategic move for 2024, especially if you manage to get your name visible on their desk! This calendar is from one of the British manufacturers we work with, featuring British scenes and wildlife pictures with a notes space on the reverse. See more about our calendars and requesting information  on  the ‘promotional products/premium calendars’ tab on the menu.

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