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Twenty five consecutive years of supply

June 14, 2024

Pictured above are some of the embroidered garments supplied to Glen Dimplex Flame this month, part of the Glen Dimplex Group, a long standing customer of Select Business Gifts. We looked through our archive order history and found we had supplied them for 25 consecutive years, noticing that for some reason there were no orders in 1999, a brief lull after supplying 6000 BIC rollerball pens in October 1998!

Their nearest site to us is conveniently situated less that 3 miles away in Prescot, where various home appliances are manufactured, including their Stoves brand, which has been manufactured there for at least 99 years.

It may not seem like ‘flaming June’ currently, but we appreciated this order from Glen Dimplex Flame, and our Dimplex radiators are still being used here whilst we wait for summer weather!

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