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Special Offers

Wildflower Seed bomb packs

These UK manufactured Bee-shaped seed bombs are packed with native wildflower seeds.

Available from us at special prices this Spring – now extended until end of June 2024.

Champion your environmental sustainability with these plastic-free seed boxes, which will help create a natural wildflower haven for local bees and butterflies. These bee shaped seed bombs come packed with native British wildflowers like Poppy, Cornflower, and Red Campion.

Seeds can be  planted in pots or in open ground, to create a vibrant floral display.

Bees are one of the valuable unpaid hard workers in the UK, pollinating myriads of plants as well as producing honey, and deserve your support! (also see our recent news blog).

These seed bombs – a mixture of clay and wildflower seeds -are packed in a FSC certified matchbox, and can be used for at least a year when stored in a cool dry place. The box measures 85 x 55 x 22mm, with a print area of branding of  75 x 80mm.

These are also available as round seed ball, in the same sized matchbox, at a reduced price from the moulded shaped seed bombs. Simply place seeds where you’d like them to grow and water, or let the rain wash the clay away.

Besides the ‘bee’ there are also clay houses and vans, to fit in with your corporate theme.



How much will they cost me?

We will quote you promptly. Unit costs for the 'bee' shaped (Van & House too) seed bomb box, printed with a full colour digital label to 3 sides, including set up & standard UK delivery, excluding VAT are:-
25 @ £123.50
50 @ £162.50
100 @ £275.00
250 @ £525.00
Costs for Seed balls, with identical sized boxes are:-
25 @ £114.00
50 @ £149.00
100 @ £241.00
250 @ £460.00

All prices Plus VAT
Please send us your quote enquiry asking for a sample on the form alongside.

What is the lead time?

Lead time can be as little as 5 days from approval of artwork.

When is the best time to plant?

The best time to plant is early to mid spring, or in the late autumn. After spring planting in a sunny area, flowers can bloom 60- 80 days after planting.


Any Questions about our Special Offers Products?

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