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Plus Packaging Case Study – Creating a positive brand perception with promotional gifts.

January 1, 1970

Digital Marketing Manager – Plus Packaging Ltd.

“A competitive reliable service; Select deliver every time. Thanks for continuing to support us in raising our brand awareness.”

Plus packaging is a packaging business who have been using promotional gifts as a vital part of their marketing strategy for many years. After trying a range of different products, Plus have found bespoke packaged sweets the ideal, low cost solution to promoting their brand and making a lasting impression on customers. Over the years these branded sweets have become an outstanding favourite with customers.

Plus gift their bespoke sweet packets with every delivery and have seen the huge impact that leaving a branded gift with customers can have. They have found them the ideal way to make customers feel valued, leaving them with a tangible way to remember the company and boosting brand awareness at the same time. Often, they can even help with the speed of deliveries as customers are eager to unload their orders and tuck into their sweets.

Their branded packaging on the sweets helps send out key messages to customers, highlight company USPs, and direct people to their website.

Not only are they a favourite with customers receiving their delivery, but they are highly valued by their company reps who take them out on sales calls. The sales reps at Plus Packaging couldn’t do without their branded sweet gifts and even say people are quicker to answer the door when they know they are coming with sweets!

Some of their recent customer feedback has really shown the impact their branded sweets have had!

When asked what Plus Packaging do well their customers have said:

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