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Drinkware -for the great outdoors, which would you take?

June 15, 2022

There is a wide choice of today of ways of carrying and drinking liquid refreshment, particularly now summer has arrived; here we’re just looking at a limited selection.

For maximum hydration, minimum weight, for high levels of activity, leave a half full 750mm single wall sports bottle (see Tarn bottle) overnight in the freezer, then top up in the morning (with slice of lime or lemon), to give cool refreshing drink for the day. Few of these bottles are dishwasher safe, although some made from Tritan material are, but then the print isn’t guaranteed!

A tried & tested 500ml double wall flask is also excellent, a little slower  to drink from with unscrewing lid, but most versatile for hot or cold drinks. The Vasa bottle featured is copper-lined internally, and excellent for heat retention -still able to make a piping hot cup of afternoon tea. Just a little tricky getting larger ice cubes down the bottle neck if you’re wanting really chilled water!

And if your going to just relax by a lake, a stylish 350ml stainless insulated tumbler, the Monet illustrated, can be filled with your favourite beverage, hot or cold, easy to reach out for, and quickest to drink from, although lidded to help keep the temperature, and the wasps out!

Which would give to your team, or loyal customer? Ask about samples; enjoy the summer and keep hydrated!

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