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Covid & Lockdown update

November 23, 2020

Here at Select Business Gifts our premises have continued to remain open, whilst taking necessary precautions to minimise risks related to the pandemic. Pallets and parcels still arrive and are dispatched, whilst maintaining social distancing, with sanitiser readily available; complimentary bottles and masks free for delivery drivers to take away. Remote working has been utilised by the office team, although we are fortunate in this current situation to operate from our own separate building and grounds helping reduce infection risks.

Looking ahead for the new year, we have the opportunity now of giving our popular and sought after calendars to our clients – finding out wherever they may be, home or office, and what their tastes may be! Pictured are scenes from an inspirational calendar, showing the resilience we need, or maybe a calming seaside painting! Please email our team to have your complimentary calendar posted out to you now -we are passionate about you having a prestige calendar for your desk!


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