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Trees, Carbon, Ecologi and Us

February 10, 2022

Trees, Carbon & Select

Fortunately for ourselves we have a large number of trees in our grounds here at Select Business Gifts (as pictured), but we realize there needs to be more planted globally, so we have teamed up with Ecologi who are helping us with our goals.

Ecologi are helping us in two ways; firstly by planting trees for us in various distant countries, currently Madagascar, Uganda, Kenya & Mozambique. These can’t offset our carbon yet as they are only just planted so will be future, so to offset our CO2 we’re supporting Hydro-electric power in India and wind power projects in Vietnam.

Moving forward we will now be relating this directly to our sales of paper based products, including notebooks, with complex formula, which is a fascinating journey for us. The most trees we’ve planted in a country (or planted on our behalf, no soily hands!) is currently 33 in the mangroves in Madagascar, where the roots will eventually benefit the tropical fish.

See more at about the projects we’re funding and the work that Ecologi does around the globe.

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